Office Hours during the Semester Break

During the semester break, Prof. Dr. Nabers and Dr. Frank Stengel will hold their office hours on the dates listed below:


Prof. Dr. Nabers:

Last office hour in summer semester 2018:

Thu, 12.07.2018

During the semester break:

Thu, 09.08.18,

Thu, 23.08.18,

Thu, 06.09.18,

Thu, 20.09.18,

Thu, 18.10.18,

short-term changes reserved.







Dr. Frank Stengel:

Thu., 15.2. (13-15 Uhr)

Wed., 28.02. (13-15 Uhr)

Thu., 15.3. (13-15 Uhr)

Wed., 28.3. (13-15 Uhr)

Until the end of summer semester 2018 (ss 2018) on Friday, the 20th of July, office hours will resume on a weekly basis each Wednesday from 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm.

Short-term changes reserved.