A Collaborative Research Initiative Project

of Kiel University

    Sciences Po (Paris)

    Queen Mary (London)

    King's College (London)

Project description:

The proposed project aims to analyse the nexus between populism and global order. Although populism as such has received significant research interest across the social sciences, its international dimensions remain largely unexplored. The project sets out to close this gap in the literature. At the same time, the project strives to contribute also to International Relations (IR) scholarship, which has so far neglected populism as a research topic. However, if there is indeed a “global rise of populism” (Moffitt 2016) – and this seems to be the case –, this will unavoidably have (and de facto already has) a significant impact on a broad range of topics commonly considered to be among IR’s core concerns, including foreign policy, international conflict and cooperation, rule and resistance in IR, and regional and global order(s). As such, doing IR will become ever more difficult in the future if populism is not taken into account. Based on a cross-national structured, focused comparison of different national cases, the proposed project plans (1) to provide systematic knowledge on how different populism(s) and global order are related and (2) to develop a middle-range theory of populism and global order. Methodologically, the study combines qualitative and quantitative methods of discourse analysis with qualitative interviews.

Project Partners:

Kiel University

       Dirk Nabers

       Frank Stengel

Queen Mary

       Lasse Thomassen

King's College

       Emmy Eklundh

Sciences Po

       Christophe Jaffrelot

       Elise Massicard

       Jean-Louis Briquet

       David Camroux

       Alain Diekhoff

       Francoise Daucé

        Gilles Favarel-Garrigues

Project-related Initiatives:                                 

Les Nouveaux Demagogues

The Global Rise of Populism (ISA 2017 Working Group)

Populism (PSA specialist group

Project-related Publications (selection):

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