Masterseminar:Poststructuralism a. Security(MR-3/MR-4/Polw-Master-3Akteure,Struk.,Prozesse;IB;Krieg und Frieden;Glob. Regieren/Polw-Master 4.1-4.3 Forschungs-u. Schwerpunktmodul//Polw-IPIR-3 Akteure,Struk.,Proz.;Theorien IB;Krieg u. Frieden;Glob. Reg.


In the previous thirty years, poststructuralism has established itself as a serious field of theorizing within the discipline of International Relations (IR). Yet, the field remains dispersed, and the common poststructuralist denominator often remains in the dark. Its original contribution to genuine IR questions such as peace and security is still hotly debated in the field. Against this background, the seminar introduces different perspectives on poststructuralist security studies, discussing both theoretical and methodical paths towards empirical research.



April 12, 2018: Introduction, organization

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April 19, 2018: Metatheoretical considerations

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April 26, 2018: Poststructuralism and security

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May 3, 2018: Biopolitics, govermentality and security

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May 17, 2018: War on terror

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May 24, 2018: War and ethics

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May 31, 2018: Bundeswehr

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June 14, 2018: Feminism

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June 21, 2018: Postcolonialism

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July 5, 2018: Poststructuralism and method

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July 12, 2018: Wrap up & critique