Regional Powers (Module: MR-3, MR-4, IPIR-3 - Frieden und Sicherheit; International Organisationen und Institutionen)


“(New) regional powers” such as Brazil, China, India and South Africa have become ubiquitous as a topic in the global media as well as in the social sciences. Sooner or later, it is argued far and wide, these economies will outclass those of the currently richest countries in the world. All too often, however, it seems as if their future political clout is directly inferred from their growing economic capabilities. This seminar will take a more critical perspective by arguing that no ontological status of those countries exists that can be grasped beyond the manifold and sometimes contradictory practices that these “powers” execute, both domestically and internationally. The seminar will ask what power refers to, and what it is that differentiates power from leadership. Questions of identity and culture will also play a role. Finally, it will discuss the notion of region. On that basis, different examples will be analysed (China, Brazil, South Africa, India, Russia, Australia, Germany, the United States).




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