Advanced International Relations (Module: MR-3 Frieden und Sicherheit, MR-4 und IPIR-3


“Advanced IR theory” implies a repudiation of obsolete dichotomies such as idealism vs. realism, realism vs. institutionalism or realism and institutionalism vs. constructivism. By addressing philosophical perspectives, a reframed picture of IR metatheory will be developed in the first half of the seminar, which will critically examine Patrick Thaddeus Jackson’s The Conduct of Inquiry in International Relations. On that basis, the second half of the seminar will look at substantial theorizing in IR through the previously elaborated metatheoretical lense.

The seminar requires extensive reading, and the presentation of one topic per participant is expected in order to stimulate debates.

15 April 2014: Session 1: Introduction, Organization

22 April 2014: Session 2: Philosophy of Science and IR

Jackson, The Conduct of Inquiry in IR, ch. 1 and 2

29 April 2014: no seminar

6 May 2014: Session 3: Positivism

Jackson, The Conduct of Inquiry in IR, ch. 3

13 May 2014: Session 4: Critical Realism

Jackson, The Conduct of Inquiry in IR, ch. 4

20 May 2014: Session 5: Analyticism

Jackson, The Conduct of Inquiry in IR, ch. 5

27 May 2014: Session 6: Critical Theory/Reflexivity

Jackson, The Conduct of Inquiry in IR, ch. 6

3 June 2014: Session 7: Positivism in IR – Power Transition Theory

Lemke, Douglas (2004) Regions of War and Peace. Cambridge: CUP.
Lemke, Douglas (2007) “Hard Power” (unpublished paper).

10 June 2014: Session 8: Critical Realism in IR – Alexander Wendt

Wendt, Alexander (1999) Social Theory of International Politics. Cambridge: CUP.
Wendt, Alexander (1987) “The agent-structure problem in international relations theory”, International Organization 41 (3), 335-370.

17 June 2014: Session 9: Analyticism in IR – Kenneth Waltz

Waltz, Kenneth (1979) Theory of International Politics. Boston: McGraw Hill.
Waever, Ole (2009) “Waltz’s Theory of Theory”, International Relations 23 (2), 201-222.

24 June 2014: Session 10: Critical Theory in IR – Richard Shapcott

Shapcott, Richard (2001) Justice, Community and Dialogue in International Relations. Cambridge: CUP.
Shapcott, Richard (2008) “Anti-cosmopolitanism, pluralism and the cosmopolitan harm principle”, Review of International Studies 34, 185–205.

31 June 2014: Session 11: Poststructuralism in IR – Dirk Nabers

Nabers, Dirk (2014, forthcoming) Difference in Global Politics.
Nabers, Dirk (2009) “Filling the void of meaning: Identity construction in U.S. foreign policy after September 11, 2001”, in: Foreign Policy Analysis 2/2009.

7 July 2014: Session 12: Summary, critique