Regional powers and regional orders (2011)

Herausgegeben von Nadine Godehardt und Dirk Nabers

Regional powers and regional ordersZusammenfassung

Regional Powers and Regional Orders presents a re-examination and re-conceptualization of the concept of 'region' and its function within power and order systems. Utilising a comparative and case study approach, the volume examines 'new' regional powers such as Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa. These territories as regional powers are novel phenomenon in the field of international politics and even more so in the field of international relations. The book focuses on the emerging role of these new regional powers within their respective region, and asks how other members of these regions cope with and react to that role. Regional Powers and Regional Orders will be of interest to students and scholars of international and regional politics and power, and international relations.


Routledge Chapman & Hall, 272 Seiten
ISBN-10: 0415603838
ISBN-13: 978-0415603836



1. Introduction (Nadine Godehardt and Dirk Nabers)

Part 1: New Theoretical Concepts in the Study of Regional Orders and Regional Powers

2. Creating International Regions: The Spatial Expression of Power (Karoline Postel-Vinay)

3. The Power of Ideas in International Relations (David MacDonald)

4. Regional Powers and Regional Governance (Detlef Nolte)

5. On the Economics of Regional Powers: Theory and Empirical Results (Robert Kappel)

Part 2: Regional Powers and Their Neighbourhood

6. The European Union as a Regional Power (Anne-Marie Le Gloannec)

7. China and the Definition of the Asian Region (Nadine Godehardt)

8. Roles and Actions of Leadership: Brazil and the South American Others (Leslie Wehner)

9. Regional Leadership? Understanding Power and Transformation in the Middle East (Louise Fawcett)

Part 3: Regional Powers and the Global Power Distribution

10. The Omnipower: The United States and Regional Orders (Jeffrey Legro)

11. Pakistan: Regional Power, Global Problem? (Rajesh Rajagopalan)

12. 'A Fine and Delicate Balance !': South Africa's Middle Power Complexities, 1994--2009 (Janis van der Westhuizen)

13. Israel: Extra-Regional Foundations of a Regional Power Manque (Mark A. Heller)

14. Conclusion (Nadine Godehardt and Dirk Nabers)