1. Introduction (Nadine Godehardt and Dirk Nabers)

Part 1: New Theoretical Concepts in the Study of Regional Orders and Regional Powers

2. Creating International Regions: The Spatial Expression of Power (Karoline Postel-Vinay)

3. The Power of Ideas in International Relations (David MacDonald)

4. Regional Powers and Regional Governance (Detlef Nolte)

5. On the Economics of Regional Powers: Theory and Empirical Results (Robert Kappel)

Part 2: Regional Powers and Their Neighbourhood

6. The European Union as a Regional Power (Anne-Marie Le Gloannec)

7. China and the Definition of the Asian Region (Nadine Godehardt)

8. Roles and Actions of Leadership: Brazil and the South American Others (Leslie Wehner)

9. Regional Leadership? Understanding Power and Transformation in the Middle East (Louise Fawcett)

Part 3: Regional Powers and the Global Power Distribution

10. The Omnipower: The United States and Regional Orders (Jeffrey Legro)

11. Pakistan: Regional Power, Global Problem? (Rajesh Rajagopalan)

12. 'A Fine and Delicate Balance !': South Africa's Middle Power Complexities, 1994--2009 (Janis van der Westhuizen)

13. Israel: Extra-Regional Foundations of a Regional Power Manque (Mark A. Heller)

14. Conclusion (Nadine Godehardt and Dirk Nabers)