01. Introduction: the Bush leadership, the power of ideas and the war on terror, David B. MacDonald, Dirk Nabers and Robert G. Patman

02. Globalization, the post-Cold War era, and visions of US leadership, Robert G. Patman

03. Historical analogies and leadership in Bush administration foreign policy, David B. MacDonald

04. Identity construction in US foreign policy during the Bush years, Dirk Nabers

05. George W. Bush, Iran and the squandering of America's soft power, David Patrick Houghton

06. Unilateralism across the border: the US-Mexico relationship, David Lebow and Richard Ned Lebow

07. Rogue policy: Bush and Iran, Michael Rubin

08. Bush's legacy and Obama's conception of American leadership, Nicholas Kitchen

09. Domestic politics and US leadeship after September 11, James M. McCormick

10. Can't anybody here play this game?' America's post-Cold war leadership and the Bush doctrine after 9/11, Martin N. Stanton

11. Conclusion: power and ideas in the Bush era, David B. MacDonald, Dirk Nabers and Robert G. Patman